Xfinity Enters The Race For Smart Home Devices

Apple and Google have been in the market for smart home devices, but it seems that Comcast has recently thrown their hat into the rink. Comcast will be working with Xfinity Home designing hardware and software that will allow customers to control their smart home devices by utilizing one single mobile application and password. As of current many of these devices required separate log-ins and applications. As you can imagine it is quite the hassle to have to login for access to each separate device.

comcast smart home

The market is still at a bit of a stall, because consumers are yet to see the need for such devices, but recent industry forecasts have predicted that this is going to be a huge market.

With Comcast throwing their hat into the rink, it brings about a whole new slew of possibilities because of Comcast’s reach to mainstream TV and high-speed Internet. Xfinity Home security services already have more than 500,000 subscribers. This is a $40 month service that allows customer 24 hour monitoring of alarm systems and video cameras.

In addition to this $40 monthly fee, Comcast is now offering an additional $20 a month service charge called Xfinity Home Control. This service will allow customers to monitor motion detectors and certain wireless thermostats. Along with these services customers will also have access to a help line for an associated technical problem that they may experience.

By taking advantage of the above-mentioned services, you can open or close garage doors, control your thermostat, turn lights off and on, or unlock your front door from an iOS or Android app. Just imagine the possibilities yet to come.

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