A BMW Smart Car Apprehends A Thief For The Seattle Police Department

Experts have always said that “Smart” products were smart, but no one could even guess their true smartness. Well, that is until the BMW Smart car apprehended a car thief for the Seattle Police Department. Let it be said, Smart products are way ahead of their time, with consumers begging to learn more.

BMW With Smart Technology

The owner of the BMW 550I loaned the vehicle to a friend, who forgot to remove the key fob and lock the door. The culprit discovered the unlocked vehicle sitting in a parking garage, making it very difficult to resist temptation. The owner finally discovered the mistake and notified the Seattle Police Department. The police department contacted BMW call center that was able to track down the vehicle’s precise location.

After tracking down the vehicle’s whereabouts, BMW remotely locked the vehicle, trapping the culprit inside. When the police arrived on scene, the 38-year old suspect was snoozing. After the police completed a pat-down search, a small amount of methamphetamine was found on the man’s persons. He was later booked into the King County Jail for drug possession and auto theft.

This incident is only one example of how Smart Technology can prove to be valuable in today’s world. Just when you thought you didn’t need a Smart-Connected car, with all the extra features and gadgets, you found out that you were totally wrong.

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