A Comprehensive Poly-Control Danalock Bluetooth Smart Lock Review

The Poly-Control Danalock became available to the public on April 29, 2014. The lock’s circular, retrofit design is similar to the August Smart Lock. However, the lock is not a competitive concern for August Home. This basically means that the lock can only be activated, when the authorized phone is within the Bluetooth range, which varies between 0 to 5 meters.

The installation process is in-depth, but with the included step-by-step installation guide, it is possible to pull it off in 30 minutes or less. The installation process does not entail replacing the existing deadbolt, just adding the hardware that makes the lock Smart. Just note that the tailpiece, a thin piece of metal that turns as the onboard motor turns, inside the existing deadbolt should be wider than 5 millimeters and extend 10 to 15 millimeters from the doorplate. If the deadbolt has a tailpiece less than 5 millimeters in width, but extends to 10 to 15 millimeters, Danalock recommends altering the size, by cutting it down the length.

Once the lock is installed, download the companion app on the iOS or Android device and then utilize the wizard to complete the setup and calibration processes. There are several different access options, including auto-unlock with geo location, TwistAssist (turn the Danalock only a few degrees to activate the onboard motor), directly from the lock utilizing the sensor button, from the app (press the green unlock button) and from the phone (knock on the phone screen).

Check the door status and access history log can only be done, when you are at home. The emergency backup access will be the mechanical key that came with the existing deadbolt.

Push notifications will be transmitted to the authorized phone, when someone accesses the front door. Sharing access with friends and public service providers is also possible. Just press the “Lock Users” feature to create and invite others to utilize your Danalock. Once the users are added, you can send them temporary, permanent and recurrent e-keys at will.

Z-Wave Integration

The Z-Wave integration enhances the lock’s functionality, providing users with remote access capabilities. Just connect the lock with any Z-Wave gateway to operate it remotely. Receive all the same features, but gain remote access and tons of third-party compatibility options. The Danalock Z-Wave version is the best option for consumers that desire to monitor and manage their front door from anywhere around the world.

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