A Comprehensive Schlage Connect Reverse Century Smart Lock Review

Schlage Connect is the true lock appropriate for the connected age and certainly lives to its name. It has advanced features and is not any mere lock. It offers the highest residential security of the ANSI Grade. It features durable resistive touchscreen featuring matte finish that protects against smudges and fingerprints. Above all it has motorized strong bold that locks and unlocks automatically on entering the user code. It has anti-pick shield to stay protected even against lock tampering. Schlage connect features built in alarm technology that easily senses door movement and alerts the homeowners with audible alert.

schlage reversible century review

Schlage connect is the name for safety, regardless of whether you are looking for the safety of your car or smartphone. This is an advanced technology making life easier. This technology is the one that helps you keep with everything and meet challenges. Schlage connect elevates your level of thinking with regards to the door locks. Schlage Connect presents a combination of best security features in just one lock. It can be considered to redefine the term secure.

Shclage connect offers the facility of going keyless. It has a modern touchscreen that is sleek and looks beautiful. You need not stuff your pockets with keys or worry about forgetting or carrying it. The touchscreen is finger print resistant that the numbers cannot be detected by intruders to make use of it later. Thus, Schlage connect offers you the much expected advanced remote management capabilities and also the compatibility with the home monitoring systems that allows you run your home, wherever you are.

Best Features

  • Security: Schlage Connect is certified Grade 1 for residence. It is built using high quality materials and the deadbolt offers keyless use ensuring high level of security at the entry point. Schlage connect has alarm sensor that is audible and is in-built alerting activity at the door. There are alert modes such as activity, forced entry or tamper and these alerts right from the first contact until the door is opened.
  • Run Your Home wherever you are: The Z-wave technology keeps the Connect. This Z-Wave allows you to run the monitor from home or even from the place you go. You need not worry about the front door unlocking to turning lights, as Z-wave allows you do everything remotely using a smartphone or a computer. Z-wave is powerful to manage or support everything, lighting, locks and thermostats to almost every small appliance.
  • Always Alert service: There is no problem if your children forget or lose the key. Each member in the family can have a 4-digit code. Even for the temporary guests program a code so that they stay. Z-wave technology controls locks remotely and monitors your home. Thus the need to carry keys is resolved.

Pros: Built-in alarm, 30 user codes to set up, great for properties, fingerprint resistant touchscreen

Cons: Hard to see screen in sunlight, the motor is loud, buying an automation hub becomes essential.


Schlage connect reduces the headache of replacing locks. Merely the touchscreen installed on the property ensures added convenience. Yet, buyers can have their own choices and preferences.


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