A New KICKSTARTER Campaign Unveils The Smartest Backpack

Do you find yourself toting around a backpack more than a briefcase or purse? All traditional backpacks are very insecure, so anyone can walk up to them and snatch the contents hidden inside. All of this can be done without getting caught, which gives more reason to invest in the A.B.C. Backpack. This backpack is embedded with a very intelligent lock. The lock is integrated with Smart Technology, so users can lock/unlock, monitor, and manage it right from their smartphone.


A.B.C. Kickstarter Smart Backpack


Users can download the KLIFIT app to their iOS or Android device and gain remote control capabilities. If you have your app-enabled smartphone on your persons, when you enter the Bluetooth range, the lock will automatically unlock. Thanks to the Smart Touch Technology, users will also be able to unlock the lock with one tap. The lock is equipped to a retractable strap, so you can secure the backpack to a heavy object. Once you are done with retractable strap, you give it a small tug and it will retract back into its original position, keeping the design neat and tidy.

A.B.C. Backpack is also embedded with a lithium polymer battery pack. Consumers can choose from the 5,000MAH and 10,000MAH battery pack, so you can charge your iPhone, iPad, and MP3 player. You will definitely appreciate the very futuristic app program interface, which includes various features that will improve your life for the better. One of the most notable features embedded in the app is the “item tracker” The tracker works by being paired with a specific RFID chip implanted into the KLIFIT accessories. When these accessories go missing, you will receive an alert on your app-enabled device.

To ensure users that their spine and back is ergonomically positioned, when wearing A.B.C., the team designed it with anatomically structured cushions. The straps are also adjustable and ventilated, so you can create the perfect fit and never overheat. Since most people that carry backpacks spend a lot of their time outdoors, their items are exposed to different elements. To eliminate the risks of water damage, A.B.C. is designed of 1680D ballistic nylon material. The embedded 3D reflective tapes can be seen up to 160’ away, so oncoming vehicles can detect your presence.

As of right now, the A.B.C. Backpack is amid manufacturing processing and is scheduled to deliver sometime in April 2017. To learn more about this product, you can simply visit the KICKSTARTER campaign-landing page.

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