Amazon Smart Plug Review – Simple And Effective

If you’re interested in transforming your home into a smart home, you’ll need a few smart plugs. Look no further than the Amazon Smart Plug. The company has gained traction in the smart home industry during the past few years with help from the Echo lineup of devices. The Amazon Smart Plug is another step in the right direction and you really cannot beat the price. The smart plug works great and it doesn’t consume too much space. More about its specifications and features can be found below.


Some smart plugs are too big. They’re so big that they’ll end up consuming both outlets. This is not an issue with the Amazon smart plug. It measures in at 3.2” by 1.5” by 2.2”. You can guarantee that it is not going to obstruct the other plugin. The neutral white finish ensures that this smart plug will look great in any home.

Voice Control

Since the Amazon Smart Plug is compatible with Alexa, you’ll be able to control it with your voice. To do that, you’ll need an Alexa-enabled device. You can use the Amazon Echo Show which is currently on sale for the holidays. Any device that is equipped with Alexa will do.


While the Amazon Smart Plug is basic and simple, it offers tons of functionality. For instance, you can use the smart plug to create schedules for lights, fans, appliances, and other devices. You’ll also be able to control them remotely when you’re away from home. If you do not want to get off of the couch while watching football, you just need to tell Alexa to turn off your heater. This smart plug makes that possible.

Easy Set Up

One of the best things about the Amazon Smart Plug is the effortless set up process. Once you’ve plugged it in, you need to open the Alexa app. Then, you’ll be able to start controlling the plug using your voice. It is that easy.

No Hub Needed

In the past, smart home hubs were an integral part of smart homes. This is no longer the case. Many devices are standalone or they work with Siri or Alexa. With the Amazon Smart Plug, you won’t need a smart home hub. You can adjust the settings, create routines, and develop schedules easily using the Alexa app.

Certified For Humans

Some people believe that smart homes are overly complicated. Unless you’re tech-savvy, you’re not going to be able to convert your home into a smart home. Don’t worry. Smart home technology is quickly being simplified and the Amazon Smart Plug is suitable for everyone. It is certified for humans meaning it is simple to install and use. You can get the plug up and running in just 3 simple steps.

amazon smart plug


  • Very affordable
  • Great addition to any smartphone
  • Protected by a 1-year limited warranty
  • Doesn’t take up both outlets
  • Can be controlled with your voice
  • Control everything from the Alexa app


  • Not compatible with 5 GHz networks
  • Only works indoors

Overall Assessment

The Amazon Smart Plug can be an integral component of any smart home system. If you’re looking for a quick and convenient way to control your devices from afar or with your voice, you’ll want to consider buying a few of these. Remember that this device is best for frequent Amazon shoppers with Alexa-enabled devices. You can learn more about this device at Amazon.

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