Amazon Unveils New Door Lock API To Simplify Alexa Commands

Amazon’s new Door Lock API, application program interface, was added to Alexa Skills Kit. The API will improve voice commands for a several of the company’s lock partners, including Z-Wave, August, Yale, Vivint, Kwikset and Schlage.

The Skill name must be included in the voice command. For instance, Schlage Sense customers utilizing an Alexa custom Skill must say, “Alexa, ask Schlage to unlock my front door.” Some customers will find this voice command a little too lengthy, while others will just be happy to be able to control their Smart Lock with Alexa.

Kwikset Obsidian Smart Lock

With Native Alexa support, users will be able to ask Alexa about the state of their Smart Lock. “Alexa, is my door lock” is just one example, but the longer version will have to be utilized to unlock the door.

“We’re currently working on a variety of security and safety tools within the Door Lock API in order to support unlock controls in a secure manner,” said an Amazon representative. “We will not launch unlock support until those security requirements and options are in place.”

August’s custom Alexa Skill offers an unlocking feature, but it will be useless without the long version of the voice command. August is the only Smart Lock manufacturer to offer the unlocking feature through its custom Alexa Skill.

Alexa is housed inside the Amazon Echo, Tap and Echo Dot Bluetooth speakers. She can answer innumerable questions, providing weather forecasts and the winner of a NFL game. There are roughly 10,000 Alexa Skills available currently, but Amazon is constantly adding new ones. Users can control all the connected gadgets in their home by voice with Alexa.

Native Alexa integrations are available for a wide variety of Smart Home products, but this is the first for Smart deadbolts and locks.

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