August AK-R1 Smart Keypad Coming Soon

If you own an August Smart Lock, you will delighted to discover that yet another addition to the August collection is now available. The August AK-R1 Smart keypad is going to transform your Smart Lock into a more futuristic home access device. This high tech keypad offers an additional home access option for you, your family, friends, and service providers.


August Smart Keypad


The August keypad offers a much safer alternative to leaving loose keys underneath the doormat. Instead you will simply customize a digital entry code and send it to the recipient’s E-mail inbox. Once they receive the code, they will input it into the keypad and instantly gain access into your home.

This is an external device that will withstand exposure to the elements, but make sure that you place it near the entrance door, where everyone will be able to gain easy access to it. The installation guide and hardware are included in the purchase price, so you will not need to purchase any extra supplies.

The installation process is extremely simple and quick, since there are no steps that involve splicing or connecting electrical wires. Once the device is installed, you will simply need to complete an initial setup, by utilizing the August app.

The August Smart keypad is equipped with a Bluetooth chip, which allows it to communicate with iOS and Android devices. It is battery operated and requires 2 AAA alkaline batteries, which means you will never have to be concerned about power outages.

The August keypad is not available yet, but you can preorder the device through the Amazon Marketplace.

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