August Reinvents The Doorbell – The August Doorbell Cam

Have you experienced the revolution of the August Smart Lock? Have you enjoyed your futuristic experience thus far? Well, you should buckle your seatbelt and prepare to go on another ride into the future, with the August AB-R1 Doorbell Cam! Fresh off of their success with the smart lock, August isn’t sitting around and celebrating the occasion. Instead, the company is tackling yet another common home device.


August Doorbell Cam

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About the August AB-R1 Doorbell Cam

August plans on providing two style varieties of their doorbell cam. It will be available in silver and dark grey. Although the item is referred to as a doorbell camera, it is truly much more than that. The device will provide you with the ability to spy on anyone, who knocks on your door. If you’re stuck in bed, you can see and speak to your visitor directly through your smartphone.

At the same time, the device actually works as a motion detector. It can alert you to the presence of a visitor, before they even ring your doorbell. If you have the August Smart Lock already installed on your door, you can unlock it from anywhere in the world. The doorbell cam just adds an extra layer of convenience to the equation.

The company promises that the installation process will be painless and quick. It can replace your existing doorbell, so few changes would be required. The device is covered by a 1-year warranty for added reassurance.

Take note that the August AB-R1 Doorbell Cam is scheduled to be released sometime in the future. The specifics have yet to be announced. However, the item is currently available for pre-order on

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