Blink Home Security Camera System Review

Spring is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to upgrade your existing surveillance system. With everyone out in full-force, it puts your home at risk of a burglary or at least an attempt. While your existing surveillance may be enough to protect the exterior of your home, the inside is still vulnerable.


Blink Home Security Camera

The Blink Home Security Camera is the key to securing the inside of your home. The camera is embedded with a motion sensor that when triggered will initiate an immediate alert. The alert is transmitted to the connected phone via email or text. When the alert is received, users will have the option of accessing the app interface to view a live stream. To utilize this feature, just enable the Live View mode.

Free cloud storage is included with the purchase of the Blink Home Security Camera. In fact, the video clips will be stored for up to two hours until they are erased. This also means that the triggered alert will accompany a short clip of the event. You will be able to access the clip at the same time it is received or before the two-hour of storage is used up.

Easy Installation Process

When many manufacturers describe their wireless security cameras, they classified them as “wireless”, even though they need to be connected directly to a Wi-Fi router and 110-volt electrical receptacle. However, this is the case with the Blink Home Security Camera, which is completely wire-free. Two AA lithium batteries power the camera, so there is not need for an electrical cable, plus it communicates with the connected phone utilizing a Wi-Fi connection.

When installing the Camera on a wall, there will be no need for hardwiring, but it will need to be paired with the Wi-Fi router. A mounting kit is included in the package, so the camera will be ready to install right out of the box.

You will need to plug the included hub into the Internet router and an electrical outlet.

Overall Assessment  

The Blink Home Security Camera is definitely worth its price tag and even better, it does not require a monitoring service subscription. It would be nice to see more flexibility, such as allowing users to switch between video and photo capture and integrating with third-party Smart devices. However, if you are looking for an affordable and reliable Wi-Fi security camera, without night vision, don’t look any further than this model.

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