Brinks Prepares For The Launch Of Its Smart Lock – Brinks Array

Brinks, Inc., a leading provider of security services, has been working on its solar Smart Lock, Brinks Array for the past year. The Amazon Echo integration will allow homeowners to activate the lock from Amazon Echo. However, the integration is similar to that of the August Smart Lock, where control is limited to manual manipulation.

Brinks Array Smart Lock

The limitations are due to security purposes, even though users can make purchases and access their savings account with Echo. However, when performing these high-security actions, users are prompted to input their PIN into a text box. It appears that Brinks didn’t think the PIN code was enough to secure the connection.

What sets the Brinks Array Smart Lock apart from other brands is the solar power capability and detachable rechargeable battery, which allows the homeowner to recharge with ease. Solar energy is responsible for keeping the battery charged, but in low-light situations there will not be enough energy produced to charge the battery.

The Brinks Array features remote control and digital key sharing, without the need for an additional hub. The lock will be up for preorder in May, so be sure to check out the company’s official website for more information.

In the meantime, be sure to check out other Smart Lock brands on Amazon.

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