CEDIA 2016 – Kwikset Will Showcase Several New Z-Wave Smart Locks At CEDIA 2016 Expo (September 13-17)

Kwikset, a popular lock manufacturer has set out to create a highly intuitive lineup for the CEDIA 2016 Expo. The company plans on unveiling 3 new residential locks and a conversion kit during the event. These products will feature the 500-Series Z-Wave chip, which is a predecessor of the 400-Series. The 500-Series offers a broader communication range, quicker data rate, improved security, and more memory. Since the Next Generation chip was released in 2013, it has been retrofitted into hundreds of Smart devices, including locks, thermostats, doorbells, and speakers. So, there is no question to why Kwikset chose this wireless communication protocol for their products.

Kwikset Obsidian

The Kwikset Obsidian Smart Lock sleek, contemporary design is very eye-catching. The all-metal interior construction will ensure durability and longevity. The keyway has been removed to prevent lock bumping attacks, which is a major problem with keyed entry door locks. The Obsidian is a battery-operated lock, with a 9v emergency backup mechanism. The beautiful touchscreen display allows homeowners to access their home, utilizing a manual key code. Obsidian will be released on the consumer market January 2017.

Kwikset Convert

The Kwikset Convert Conversion Kit will transform any traditional keyed entry deadbolt into a Smart Lock. The Convert will support Kwikset and third-party (Baldwin, Schlage, and Weiser) mechanical locks. There will be no need to replace the exterior hardware, just the lockset and cylinder, making the installation extremely effortless. The Conversion Kit is available in various finishes, including satin nickel, brass, and Venetian bronze to make the transition a breeze. The Kwikset Convert is scheduled to be released on the consumer market in December 2016.

Kwikset SmartCode 916 & 914

 The traditional versions of the Kwikset SmartCode 914 & 916 Smart Lock have received a lot of praise, since their 2015 release. With this being said, Kwikset has something else in mind for both of these touchscreen electronic locks. The SmartCode 916 Series utilizes Z-Wave and Zigbee (two separate versions) protocols to communicate with iOS, Android, and third-party Smart devices. The contemporary versions of the SmartCode 914 and 916 are scheduled to be released on the consumer market in February 2017.

Kwikset Kevo 2nd Gen Smart Lock

Kwikset just recently released the Kevo 2nd Gen Smart Lock, which is a predecessor of the Kevo 1st Gen. The 2nd Gen has been updated to make the installation process easier, offer more e-key flexibility, improve security and wireless communication reliability. To learn more about the Kwikset 2nd Generation Smart Lock, be sure to click on the Amazon link below.



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