Codelocks, Inc. Unveils The New KitLock 1550 Smart Lock

Codelocks, Inc., manufacturer of the 1500 Cam Lock has unveiled their new KitLock 1550 Smart Lock, which is designed for residential and commercial use. The Kitlock is integrated with a near field communication (NFC) low-powered chip. Codelocks has geared their new Smart Lock toward multi-person uses such as rental companies. The owner will have multiple access options to select from including MIFARE Smart Cards, NetCode (temporary electronic key codes), keypad, and auto-unlock. Special electronic key codes can be set up for a variety of uses including:

  • Master E-Key – 8 digit code
  • Sub-Master E-Key – 8 digit code
  • Technician E-Key – 6 digit code
  • User E-Key – 4 digit code (allows up to 20)

As you can see this Smart Lock will offer easy access to all employees and customers. You can manually program the lock or purchase the NetCode NFC Tablet for $400, which will offer rapid programing and monitoring of all audited data that is stored inside of the KitLock. The MIFARE Smart Cards are also sold for an additional $40 each.


If you decide not to purchase the NetCode tablet, you can use the web based NetCode Portal to access the KL1550 lock, but you will be forced to purchase the tablet, if you want to download the audit data. You can also send temporary and permanent E-Keys to others via e-mail.

The auto-lock feature integrated into the KitLock is different than the Bluetooth auto-lock function, in that you preset the lock to open at a set time. The Penalty time safety mechanism will automatically restrict access, when someone enters the wrong code or swipes an unregistered Smart Card. Access will be restricted for 10 seconds, before you can try to gain access again.

Each LED light will indicate a specific warning or alert. For instance, the red LED will flash 3 x’s to alert the owner that the batteries need to be replaced. The blue LED will flash, when the user inputs the correct electronic key code or swipes the correct MIFARE Smart Card.

The Battery Override and blue/red LED contact points will allow you to gain access, if the batteries are completely dead. This is done by placing a PP3 battery over the contact points and then entering the master electronic key code into the keypad.

The NetCode NFC tablet is already integrated with the KL1550 Smart App. Codelocks is currently looking at integrating the NFC payment software and physical access control into their new Smart Lock Technology.

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