Control Your Yale Real Living Assure Locks With Voice Commands Thanks To A Seperate Apple MFI Chip

Yale, a leading provider of a wide range of door locks and padlocks, has a decent Smart Lock line up, including the Yale NexTouch and Yale Real Living Assure. The company announced earlier this month the HomeKit integration, which allows Yale customers to control their Smart Locks, with voice commands via Siri.

Yale Real Living Assure Bluetooth Lock
In the past, Yale locks only supported ZigBee and Z-Wave protocols, but this new integration will definitely enhance the locks’ functionality. In 2015, the company announced a partnership with Google/Alphabet’s Nest to create a next generation lock, Linus. However, the lock has never made it to the market. According to a Yale spokesperson, the Linus lock is still in production without providing any specifics.

Apple’s Siri-based HomeKit software will draw consumers from both the Apple and Google platform. While August Home released a new version of its Smart Lock, with an updated Apple MFI chip, Yale will allow customer to purchase the blue HomeKit Network Module separately on the company’s official website. Yale lock customers will only need to retrofit the existing Yale lock to gain Siri capabilities.

The Yale Real Living Assure and Yale NexTouch HomeKit-enabled Smart Locks are expected to go on sale some time this year, but a definite date has not been released. The separate module will go on sale at the same time, so if you are a Yale Smart Lock customer, be sure to keep your ears open for more information.

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