Danalock Smart Lock Reviews: High Security Smart Lock

Many homeowners are turning to the Smart Lock technology, because it appeals to their busy lives. The Danalock rolled out on the Smart Lock market and it appears to be an intuitive, high technology device. While the Smart Lock technology is still a work-in-progress, many are taking their chances, by investing in these products.

danalock reviews

The Danalock’s Scandinavian design is luxurious and will envelop into any home décor and match most existing entry door hardware. The LED lights add a touch of elegance to the overall design, while also providing a lighted pathway for the fingertip.


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The Danalock is compatible with the iPhone iOS 4S or newer and Android 4.4 KitKat and higher. You will simply download the Danalock mobile app to your source device and begin the initial setup, before you can enjoy the benefits of the Smart Lock Technology.

With the integration of Bluetooth and the Z-Wave Gateway, you will have full control over your home access and the lock. The homeowner will have a variety of access options available to them including remote, touch, hand, mechanical key, and auto-lock, which works alongside the Bluetooth Technology. By activating the auto-lock feature, the Danalock will automatically unlock the door once you enter the Bluetooth range.

This Smart Lock eliminates the need to duplicate or hide a mechanical key in your flower pot. Instead, you will have the option of allocating permanent, temporary, or scheduled electronic keys to your family and friends. Use your Danalock app enabled device to activate/deactivate the E-Keys, whenever you want or as soon as the visitor exits your home, so they cannot reuse the code

The Danalock offers an extremely easy installation process, since there will be no need to replace the entire preexisting deadbolt. Instead, you will need to remove the interior portion of the deadbolt and replace it with the Danalock. This Smart Lock has been integrated with the highest level of residential encryption, so hackers will hit a block wall, when trying to hack the lock or steal your personal files.

Danalock software interface is very user friendly and will provide you with a history detail log, so you will always know who is coming and going. This is a battery powered device that requires 1 lithium-ion CR2 battery that will last for over 3,000 hours or nearly 1-year.


  • Auto-lock feature will unlock the door, when you enter the Bluetooth range
  • Extremely easy installation process
  • Send unlimited E-Keys to family and friends
  • Retrofitted to match most deadbolt brands
  • Available in silver and bronze
  • Offers remote, hand, touch, and mechanical key access
  • Constructed out of anodized aluminum materials, which are capable of withstanding high/low temperature and exposure to the elements
  • Long battery life


  • Deadbolt compatibility options are lacking
  • Danalock software is extremely slow and has some kinks

Overall Assessment

Overall it does not appear that the Danalock has hit the market by storm. Many consumers have voiced complaints, while others have validated their acceptance of the new Smart Lock. Danalock is currently working to develop more deadbolt compatible options, along with updating the software. Remember this is a work-in-progress, so be patient to see how high this technology can truly go.



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Danalock Smart Lock Update

Poly-Control, the provider of the Danalock revealed on October 15, 2015 that the Danalock Version 2 will soon be available for U.S. market in the near future.

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