EcoReco Introduces Its Smart Electric Portable Scooter – Model R

Are you tired of trying to encourage your children to become more active? Pulling children away from their laptop and video gaming system is never easy. EcoReco, a Silicon Valley scooter manufacture, may just have the solution for desperate parents. The EcoReco Model R Smart Scooter idea became a reality thanks to the Indiegogo backers that contributed $172,351.

EcoReco Model R Portable Smart Scooter

The EcoReco Model R Scooter is integrated with a variety of Smart features, including auto locking, Carefree Fall notification, electronic access codes and tracking from Tile, with security alerts. The Carefree Fall notification is a wonderful feature that will provide parents with peace of mind, utilizing built-in sensors to detect impacts and condition of the scooter. In the event of a crash, an alert will be transmitted to the registered emergency contact’s app-enabled device via SMS, after a few seconds of inactivity is detected.

The built-in riding modes will enhance the functionality of the scooter, whether riding indoor or outdoor. By accessing the EcoReco app user interface, riders will be able to set the top speed and configure ramp-up acceleration.

Battery Pack

Riders will also have the option of choosing between the Pro or Lite battery packs. Both batteries utilize high-capacity, reliable lithium ion battery cells. The battery storage compartment is conveniently located underneath the rider’s feet, so the battery can be easily accessed and swapped out in seconds. The position also ensures superior balance. The embedded patented Dynamic Battery Switching system provides riders with the option of powering the Model R by a single battery or a mixture of both, with automatic shut-offs in unusual circumstances.

Lighvigation Technology

The patented Lighvigation Technology utilizes signals, embedded into the rear fenders and handlebars, to guide the rider with turn-by-turn navigation. When approaching a turn, the flash frequency will increase.

To ensure safety in lowlight conditions, lights are placed at the front, rear and underneath the footrest.

Access Options

Riders can unlock the Model R Scooter via their app-enabled smartphone or manually, utilizing the included mechanical key. Users can also create temporary access e-keys and share them with their friends and family members.

The embedded USB port will sufficiently charge small electronics and interconnected devices. Plus, the universal mount will support mountable cameras, smartphones, flashlights and other accessories.

Delivery for the EcoReco Model R Smart Scooter is expected to begin in April 2017. To learn more, please visit the associated Indiegogo campaign page.

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