Everything You Need To Know About The Apple HomeKit

Apple released its HomeKit software platform in 2014, since then it has grown in popularity significantly. Apple’s intention was to create a platform that would allow users to manage their home automation devices with ease. HomeKit integrates with a long list of connected gadgets, including door locks, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, thermostats, lighting fixtures, shades, appliances, doorbells and security cameras.Apple HomeKit

All Home Automation devices come with its own app, allowing users to activate the device via a Smart controller usually a smartphone. HomeKit provides app developers with an easier way to integrate their apps’ functionality with iOS devices. The integration will also allow users to activate their Smart devices with voice commands.

Users will also be able to mesh their devices together so one command can activate them all. For example say, “Get ready for work, “ to your smartphone, resulting in all the connected devices automatically switching to the off position. This command could also result in the lights dimming and the deadbolt locking.

August Home and Phillips Hue were two of the first companies to integrate their products with HomeKit, but it didn’t take long for others to hop onboard Apple’s certification program. The August Smart Lock, with Apple’s HomeKit, provides users with a unique hands-free experience.

Apple’s Competition

With the launch of Amazon’s Echo in November 2014, Apple was forced to prepare for the competition. Consumers fell in the love with Echo, leaving Amazon racking in revenue from over 5.1 million sales, since its release. Echo’s skills are endless and enabling a skill enhances the device’s functionality, while providing the user with a more entertaining experience.

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