Exploring The Five Top Smart Locks On The Market

Smart Locks have taken the market by storm, as manufacturers and tech companies compete to see who can sell the most units, earn the highest revenue and utilize the most intuitive technology. There are innumerable brands on the market, but 5 of them have gained more notoriety than all the rest. If you are one of the many consumers that have hesitated to invest in a Smart Lock, you may find one of these brands, ideal for your home.


Kwikset Premis Smart Lock

Kwikset Premis Smart Lock

#1 Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

The Schlage Sense not only secures the front door, but it will also enhance the existing security system. The lock features an audible alarm, backlit touchscreen, auto-locking, mechanical keyhole, push notifications, access sharing and Apple HomeKit compatibility. With three different finishes to choose from, homeowners will not have any issues finding a finish that will match the existing door hardware.


#2 Schlage Connect Smart Lock

The Schlage Connect has a vintage appeal, with varying finishes available. The lock stores up to 30 access PIN codes that can be shared with others on a temporary and permanent basis. Connect works with Wink, Z-Wave, and SmartThings Smart Home hubs to deliver remote access. The recent introduction of the Alexa Skill, users can control the lock with voice commands.


#3 August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock has a cylinder design, with a retrofit installation. Instead of needing to replace the entire deadbolt, users just need to install it on the inside of the front door. The lock features auto-unlocking and auto-locking, remote access (requires August Connect Hub), push notifications, access sharing and voice automation control, with Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri.


#4 Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Smart Lock 

The Kwikset Kevo offers a unique access option, touch-to-open. This feature is activated, when the lock recognizes the connected device, when it enters the Bluetooth range. Just touch the lock anywhere to unlock the front the door. To gain remote access, homeowners will need to upgrade to Kevo Plus Wi-Fi Hub. The Advanced SmartKey Security features provide strong resistance against lock bumping and locking techniques.


#5 Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock 

The Kwikset Premis provides an additional security feature, which automatically employs 2 random digits that must be entered prior to the unique PIN code. This feature will prevent fingerprint detection and alter a potential burglar’s ability to decipher the PIN as the user inputs it into the touchscreen. Just add an Apple TV (3rd or 4Th generation) to gain remote control capabilities. The HomeKit integration allows homeowners to control Premis with Siri, Apple’s virtual personal assistant, share access with 30 guests and control up to 15 HomeKit-enabled devices.

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