Exploring The New iLoq Smart Lock

Finnish technology company iLOQ is a Greentech company that is growing fast. It is one of the 500 fast growing technology companies in the Europe, Africa and Middle East. ILOQ offers digital locking that is self powered and its access management revolutionize the locking industry same as the digital cameras have revolutionized the photography sector. The new ILoq is a smart lock with advanced features.

iloq smart lock


iLOQ has developed a patented and unique technology providing digital access management and that too without using batteries and cables. iLOQ is the foremost and the only electronic lock cylinder that self-powers by picking electricity from the key insertion. This company’s technology has received many international security awards.



The new ILoq Smart Lock has entered the market leadership in Finland in electronic locking and has begun its operation in Central Europe and other Nordic countries. In fact, the new ILoq has earned enormous interest in Germany and Netherlands for their new system of electronic locking system. The advantage of its self power attracts many and that too it receives electricity with key insertion is the biggest plus point. The environmental factors and costs are associated with batteries and locks in this huge market are receiving good position and response.


Digital revolution

The digital revolution is about the new technology that is making it easy to use and it is cost-effective. The digital revolution has stirred many industries. Digital camera has already replaced the film camera and also the music and films E-distribution services have gained prominence as a channel for making purchases. Now with the lock industry, iLoq Smart Lock is introducing digital revolution.


Specialty of iLoq

  • Digital lock replaces traditional lock system
  • Clean elimination of unreturned and lost keys, thus safety levels are assured at high levels.
  • Lock and key patent protection can be done without the need for renewing lock system and this is because iLoq is not based on the patent validity, but is based on the powerful electronic encryption.
  • No need to renew keys and locks, even if the facilities are used for a different purpose. They can be easily reprogrammed to suit the new property or purpose.
  • Misuse of the property is easy to investigate, thus misuse is prevented to a great extent.
  • Maintenance of locking system is easier as the software reveals real time information with regards to key holders, active keys, locks, property plans and access rights.
  • iLoq is the electronic or digital locking system featuring lock cylinders powered on the insertion of a key. There are no batteries or cabling required. The problem of locks with changing batteries is eliminated.
  • Environmentally friendly solution as it is free of cables or battery.



  • Very impressive
  • The new functionality is superb.


  • Not the most aesthetically pleasing, but no biggie



Outstanding device is the new digital iLoq Smart Lock. It is sophisticated, flexible and highly recommended as it favors the green environment.

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