Fibar Group Unveils Their New Fibaro Swipe Remote

If you own a Fibaro System, you are already enjoying the comforts of home automation. The greatest advantage of purchasing a Fibaro System is the non-invasive installation process, which not only offers a quick and easy installation, but also offers the homeowners the DIY option.

You will simply install the miniaturized module into any preexisting wall electrical switch box, so you can control your roller blinds and light switches. The Fibaro just happens to be the only automation system that is capable of controlling LED and florescent lighting, without the need of a neutral wire.

You also have the option of removing the module from the switch box at any time, without having to make any home repairs. Just disconnect the module from the electrical source and move it to another wall switch that is more suitable for your needs.

Fibaro Automation System

The Fibaro Automation System offers the homeowner full monitoring and control over all Smart Home devices within the home. It will monitor and send out alerts, when batteries need to be replacing, while monitoring the room temperature. You will receive notifications through your source device, when incidents occur within your home and reminders concerning your heating and air unit.

This automation system is compatible with Z-Wave, iOS and Android devices, and all IP security cameras. If the security system sensors are triggered, the Fibaro System will immediately send a video or image to your source device, so you can solve the issue, without delay.

You can control the Fibaro from anywhere around the globe with any computer or mobile device that has been upgraded with the Fibaro software. This is all made possible with Fibaro’s simple configuration interface.

Fibaro has now unveiled the new Fibaro Swipe, which is a hands-free functional remote that is capable of sensing different body gestures. From up/down, left/right, and circle left/right body movements or gestures. This remote is equipped with the Z-Wave technology software, which means it is capable of controlling all of your Smart Home devices that are compatible with Z-Wave technology.

The Fibaro Swipe is designed to add security and difficult detection, because it has a digital photo frame-like design, which can be placed anywhere in your home. The 128-bit AES will prevent online hackers from gaining access to your personal data and files.

The remote is equipped with a built-in buzzer and LED indicator, which is capable of confirming and differentiating between each gesture. You and your children will definitely fall in love with this new innovative technology.

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