First Fingerprint Smart Bike Lock Unveiled: Grasp Lock

On November 9, 2015, a Kickstarter campaign was initiated, which involved the first fingerprint Smart bike lock. The campaign has so far been very successful with $42,688 pledged from 340 backers. The goal is to reach $75,000 by  January 8, 2016 and it appears that this project will earn a huge victory.

The Grasp Lock is expected to hit the market by storm, since this is the first ever fingerprint bike lock. While the optical fingerprint sensor is definitely a wonderful addition to the bike lock, the Grasp Lock design is superior within itself. It does not require a chain to attach the bike to a bike rack. Instead, you simply pull open the hinged arms and slide it overtop of the bike frame and rack rail, then secure the steel locking bolt.

Grasp Lock

The Grasp Lock has an ergonomically, large square design for easy handling and control. The steel alloy material is layered with a soft-touch plastic, which will protect the bike’s finish from scratches. The exterior construction is water resistant and weatherproof and capable of enduring extremely cold temperatures of below 20 degrees Celsius.  It will be nearly impossible for a thief to cut the 0.51″ steel square shackles, even with bolt cutters.

This is a battery powered lock that requires 3-AAA batteries. Instead of having to recharge the batteries, you will simply replace them, but the life expectancy is around 1-Year with normal use. Even if the batteries are removed or die, before you replace them, the lock will remain locked until you decide to access it via the app or fingerprint sensor.

grasp lock fingerprint

The Grasp Lock is integrated with a Bluetooth chip, so it will connect and communicate with most iOS and Android devices. You just download the Grasp mobile app to your source device, complete the initial setup, and the lock is ready to go. You can store up to 20 fingerprints and create schedules for specific times of the day that they can be utilized. The if at any time, you cannot get the fingerprint sensor to work, you can remotely open the lock via the Grasp app.

You can preorder your Grasp Smart bike lock today, by visiting the project’s Kickstarter campaign page. The retail price is expected to be around $159 and the shipping date is scheduled for sometime around January of 2016.

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