Friday Smart Lock Preparing For The Home Automation Market

Friday Labs partnered with Big Ideas to develop a compact designed Smart Lock. Of course, many individuals are already familiar with the Friday Smart Lock, but for those that have yet to be introduced to this innovative technology will find this article extremely beneficial. The Friday Smart Lock is a successful Indiegogo campaign, which ended in May of 2015 with a total of $159,571 raised from 1,169 backers.

The Friday Smart Lock is equipped with a Bluetooth chip and wireless technology. This allows the homeowner the convenience of unlocking their entrance door remotely or with the electronic key, but since the exterior portion of the preexisting lock is still intact, you can use the mechanical key, as well. Send permanent, temporary or scheduled E-Keys to friends and family, so they can gain access to your home, while you are away.

Gunmetal Friday Smart Lock

With five interchangeable outer shells to select from including white porcelain, stainless steel, wood, gunmetal, and bronze, you will not need to replace your preexisting hardware. This is a great option for homeowners that are very concerned with parallel décor. The Friday Smart Lock has a unique leading edge design that is very modern, compact (3.1″ W x 1.87″ H), and more ergonomically advanced than other brands.

Friday offers extremely easy installation, since all you need to is unscrew the preexisting door knob, remove original thumb latch, attach Friday’s baseplate, and then complete the task by attaching the rest of the hardware. Do not forget to install the emergency backup, non-rechargeable  3.6 volt x 6AH lithium battery, before attaching the outer shell onto the lock. You will receive a low-battery notification via the Friday App, when replacement is needed.

Once you complete the installation process, you will need to download the Friday app, which is compatible with most iOS and Android devices. The Friday Smart Lock is very secure and utilizes the 128-bit encryption technology, so online hackers will not be able to gain access to your data or files.

The Friday Smart Lock is compatible with most American and Scandinavian single cylinder deadbolts, but the team is continuing to develop more options to add to this list. Friday Labs is also working with Apple to develop HomeKit technology for their Smart Lock.

Overall Assessment

While the Friday Smart Lock has a very unique design, which will be very attractive to most homeowners, it maybe lacking in some features. As of right now, it does not include the auto-unlocking technology, which would offer a more hands-off experience. Instead Friday works more like a key FOB with the touch-to-open access, this is made possible by the Bluetooth connectivity. Friday will pick up your presence, when you enter the Bluetooth range, so you can unlock the door with one single tap. You can also unlock the door from your source device, thanks to the Friday app.

The auto-lock feature is also missing, so everyone will have to be patient to see if these updates are available in the near future.

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