Govee Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights Review

Whether you’re decorating for the holidays or you want to spice up the appearance of your home, you’ll want to consider investing in strip lights. They are much more versatile than the alternatives giving you the ability to decorate in new, innovative ways. If you add smart technology to the equation, you’ll be able to improve the appearance of your home and make your life significantly easier. Well, you should look no further than the Govee Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights. They’re affordable, beneficial, and more than enough to give your interior design scheme a boost.


The Govee Smart WiFi LED lights are available in two lengths. You can choose between 16.4 feet or 32.8 feet. Simultaneously, you have the option of customizing the length. All you have to do is cut the lights in the correct spot. This allows you to get the perfect fit for the specific application that you’re after.

Voice Control

When you invest in the Govee Smart LED Strips, you’ll be able to control your lights using your voice. These lights are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. You can use several voice commands to adjust the settings or switch the lights off. The lights work with Echo and Google Home but they do not support 5G Wi-Fi.

Turn On or Off

  • Change colors by saying, set “light” to red/blue
  • Adjust brightness by saying increase “light” to 70%
  • The voice control system works exceptionally well so you shouldn’t have to repeat yourself.

Sensitive Mic

One of the coolest features is the built-in sensitive mic. There is a good chance that you’re going to be hosting a party at your home. If so, these lights will take things to a whole new level. The built-in microphone can sync to the music played on your phone or any speaker in the room. The lights will change based on the music being applied. To take advantage of this function, you’ll need to use the app or controller.

Indoor Use

One thing to remember before buying these lights is that they’re only designed for indoor use. They’re not waterproof so putting them outside would destroy them. Nevertheless, anyone passing by should be able to see the lights through the window as long as you install them in the right spot. The strips use premium 5050 LED lights to ensure that they’re going to last.

Everything You Need

Finally, you’ll be happy to know that you’re going to get everything you need. When you buy the Govee Smart Strip Lights, you’ll receive 5 fixing clips, an ETL listed adapter, Wi-Fi controller, and 3M adhesive. With a little patience, you should have the lights installed and switching on in 30 minutes or less. If you’re looking for a DIY project to give your home more life, these lights will prove to be a wise investment.


  • Very affordable
  • Available in two sizes, 16.4 FT and 32.8 FT
  • Works with Echo and Google Home
  • Comes with everything you need
  • Can be installed very easily


  • No 5G Wi-Fi Support
  • Not suitable for outdoor use

Overall Assessment

As long as you know what you’re getting, there is a good chance that you’ll love the Govee Smart LED Strip Lights. They’re affordable, cool, and beautiful. If you want to make your home livelier, you’ll want to consider buying these lights. You can find out more about these lights by checking them out at Amazon right now.

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