I LOCK IT Smart Bike Lock Review

The I LOCK IT Smart Bike Lock idea was funded through a KICKSTARTER campaign. The bike lock utilizes Bluetooth technology to communicate with the connected device, eliminating the need for a combination code or mechanical key. The I LOCK IT Bike Lock features automatic locking/unlocking, push notifications, access sharing, audible alert, keyless access and click-code unlocking. The auto locking and unlocking features works by measuring the distance the connected device is away from the lock. Once you enter the Bluetooth range, it will automatically unlock and when you exit the range, it will automatically lock.

I Lock It Smart Bike Lock

It fixes to the bike frame, offering a quick and easy installation and removal. The lock is equipped with a 64-millimeter thick stainless steel bolt that fits around the rear wheel to prevent it from moving. To add more security to the set up, you can invest in the optional 35-inch plug-in cable or 31-inch chain that only weighs 1.5 pounds.

If the battery fails, it is still possible to open the lock. Just manually input the unique 8-digit PIN code into the touch control on top of the lock. The code is customizable, so you can utilize a set of digits that are familiar to you.

I Lock It Plug-In Bike Chain

An additional key fob is also available, which will offer access to a friend or someone that does not own a mobile phone. Alerts will also be transmitted to the key fob, thanks to its integrated acoustic alarm.

With GPS tracking, you can locate the bike, if you forget where you parked it. The companion app saves the last position, where the bike was parked, so you can retrieve the location from the app.

To learn more about the I LOCK It Smart Lock, be sure to check out the company’s official website. The lock is currently available for preorder, so be sure to reserve yours today.

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