Interconnected Smart Devices May Just Be The Solution To Delivery Package Theft

There is a major issue with delivery package theft. This is definitely worth mentioning, because millions of consumers have already turned to online shopping, with millions more expected to follow in suit. Thieves are working overtime, stealing packages delivered to homes, where family members are absent. According to a recent report by August Home, thieves have victimized around 11 million American homeowners, with losses totaling up to $200 each for each package.

Zmodo Wireless Security System

Zmodo Smart Surveillance System

Doorstep delivery provides online shoppers with an abundance of convenience, something that cannot be provided by brick and mortar shopping. Until you become a victim, you do not give much thought to package theft, but with so many consumers jumping on the online shopping bandwagon, there is no doubt that the issue will continue to escalate.

Thieves are very deceptive, because they want to get their hands on your packages, without being detected. Most delivery companies such as UPS and FedEx have a set time to deliver packages to a specific neighborhood. Thieves are aware of these times, so they will lurk around corners and watch for a prime target. Victims have reported being away (17 percent) and home (22 percent), when the event took place.

Smart Home Devices

Of course, you do not have time to monitor your home’s exterior premises every second of the day. Package theft is not a seasonal phenomenon, because many homeowners will receive a shipment of packages on a daily or weekly basis. To mitigate the risk of becoming a victim of package theft, you should consider investing in a Smart Home Surveillance System. The system, combined with basic precautions such as monitoring tracking numbers, renting a post office box, and purchasing a signature conformation, will eliminate the issue entirely.

Smart Home devices such as locks, doorbells, exterior cameras, and motion sensors offer a high level of security. These devices are controlled from a user-friendly mobile app, alerting homeowners when someone enters your property and even better, the front doorway. Halfway across the world, homeowners will have access to a live-stream video and hear and speak to the visitor from the comfort of their tablet, smartphone or PC.

Smart Lock

With an installed Smart Lock, consumers that feel comfortable with granting access to delivery drivers, this would be an option. The homeowners would provide the delivery driver with a temporary electronic key code, which needs to be inputted into the keypad. The key code will expire immediately after use or within two hours after issuance. The Smart Lock can be incorporated into your existing surveillance system to increase your home security and deter package theft.

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