Introducing the Monkey Smart Key

Kickstarter has become the breeding ground for some very successful products. If LOCUMI LABS has any luck, their new Monkey Smart Key will join that category. The company understands that not everyone is fortunate enough to live in a home. They’ve strived to develop a smart lock system that is flexible enough for apartments too. Surprisingly, this isn’t the only differential that stands out.

The system is designed for those that reside in apartments, as well as homes with a garden gate. It could be said that Monkey isn’t a smart door lock at all. The device actually connects to your existing intercom system and transforms the intercom into a keyless entry system. The company, which is based out of Munich, Germany, insists their product will take less than 3 minutes to install!

Monkey Smart Key In Action

This isn’t the only feature that makes Monkey unique. The door can detect your smartphone’s position using GPS and will automatically unlock your door, once you enter into a close proximity of your home. With the Monkey, you will never miss a visitor again! The system is capable of redirecting your intercom’s ringing directly to your smartphone. From there, you will have the option of unlocking the door from afar.

If you order items online frequently, you will definitely want to check out the Monkey smart key! The system offers unattended deliveries. The consumer can schedule specific days and times for parcels to be delivered. During that allotted period, the delivery man will be able to enter your main door with the push of a button. From there, he or she will be able to drop off your package in front of your apartment door. This feature can also be very beneficial for parties and get togethers.

Other notable features will be listed below.

  • Very versatile – The Monkey smart key works with all intercom systems.
  • Remote access – The Monkey chip allows for wireless access through your smartphone.
  • Does the work for you – The system will automatically open the door for you in three different scenarios. If it detects your smartphone nearby, it’ll unlock. You can also use the monkey smart key app to unlock the door manually. Finally, you can schedule specific time windows for easy access.
  • No battery – The Monkey doesn’t require any batteries whatsoever. Instead, it integrates itself into your intercom system and piggybacks off of the intercom’s power supply.
  • Easy installation – Installation can be completed in less than 3 minutes!

The included smartphone app provides even more astounding features. It allows for remote control, configuring of time windows and even receiving notifications. Once the app has been installed on your smartphone, you will never miss a visitor again. LOUMCI LABS launched their Kickstarter campaign on October the 13th. With 53 days remaining, the company is already half way towards their goal with nearly $30,000 raised.

If you’re interested in backing the Monkey, you should be sure to check out their Kickstarter campaign now! Although nothing is set in stone, the product is expected to be shipped worldwide starting in September of 2016.

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