Introduction To The New Upcoming Danalock Version 2

Are you still waiting to purchase your Smart Lock? If so, you are not alone, because many homeowners are patiently waiting until the Smart Lock manufacturers clear away the glitches. Poly-Control is preparing to release the American version of the Danalock Version 2.

With Bluetooth capabilities, the homeowners will have full control over their home. It is also compatible with Z-Wave home automation system, so you can control all of your Nest, Harmony, Zigbee, and Wi-Fi smart home devices through one app. This intuitive interoperability will allow the user to successfully control all of their Smart Home devices with ease.

Poly-Control developers have worked diligently to enhance the Danalock V2 features, just for the American customer base.

Danalock Smart Lock

American customers will also be offered an affordable, competitive price that will not break the bank. The Bridge app, which has not been released yet, will be used to control the system through your source device. The Wi-Fi technology will also allow you to remotely unlock your entrance door, without the requirement of an E-Key.

You will also receive alerts, when visitors enter and exit your home, so you will have full monitoring capabilities of your home. The Geo Location Technology will offer a range of 100-200′, so once the Danalock Version 2 senses the source device presence, it will automatically unlock. This is a genuine effortless way to gain access to your home.

Danalock Version 2

For $179, you will receive your new Danalock Version 2 with Bluetooth capabilities, but for $20 more, you will receive the dual version, which includes Bluetooth and Z-Wave or Zigbee capability.

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