Jasco Products Unveils An Array Of GE Branded Z-Wave Smart Remotes

Jasco, a leading provider of Z-Wave lighting technologies, unveils an array of Z-Wave Wireless Smart Remotes. The GE Branded Remotes work with indoor/outdoor switches, light bulbs and dimmers, with or without a Z-Wave-enabled Smart bridge. The remotes have a compact, portable design, offering both primary and secondary light controls throughout the home.


Jasco GE Branded Wireless Remotes



The remote controls can be mounted on a wall and utilized as a wall switch or as a handheld remote. The remote controls are equipped with 2 or 4 buttons, allowing the user to alternate between an array of predefined settings. With a combination of button presses, the user can set off scenes and control all the Smart gadgets connected to the home network. Specific switches can be set to interact with lights or other Smart devices. Users can also adjust the brightness level, raise and lower shades and create unique scenes.

“Most connected bulbs or smart switches rely on an app to control or dim the lights, if they support that feature, but it’s not always quick or convenient to pull out your smartphone and then open the right app just to control a light bulb,” said Cameron Trice, Jasco CEO. “Most people want to automate their lights, but then also be able to control them from a light switch on the wall as they always have. Consumers now have the ability to control all brands of Z-Wave enabled light bulbs and smart home products with a press of a button they can locate anywhere, regardless of what type of wiring they have in their home.”

Jasco’s GE Branded Smart Remotes are very versatile and battery powered. The installation process is simplified, without the need of replacing the existing switch or electrical wiring. Each remote comes with a custom-mounting bracket, which will need to be attached to the back of the included wall plate. Screw the wall plate in place and then snap the Smart Remote into the open slot. Users can disconnect the remote, by detaching it from the wall plate, so it can be utilized as a handheld remote control.

Both the Z-Wave Smart Scene Remotes and Z-Wave Smart Hub Remotes offer a wireless range of 200 feet. However, the 2-button is programmable up to 12 scenes, while the 4-button is programmable up to 24 scenes. The Z-Wave Smart Hub Remote is compatible with Z-Wave-enabled bridges, so it will communicate with the devices operating on the hub.

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