Kickstarter Campaign: Smart Travel Lock Airbolt

Are you a frequent flier that is constantly concerned about your luggage? Thousands of travelers become a victim of lost or stolen luggage annually and to eliminate this issue, the Airbolt technology company has a vision to produce a Smart Travel Lock. As of today, AirBolt has earned $20,799 of a $50,000 campaign with 259 backers supporting their invention.

As you very well know, the Airbolt is not the first Smart Lock, but it intuitively designed to offer heightened security and peace of mind. The lock is integrated with the Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, so it has the ability to communicate with most iOS and Android devices.

AirBolt Smart Travel Lock

Airbolt Smart Lock has already been stamped for acceptance from TSA, which means it will pass through security without prompting alert. Thanks to the AirBolt mobile app, you will be able to control the lock and receive notifications, if the luggage is moved out of the Bluetooth range or tampered with. One great feature that sets the Airbolt apart from other travel locks is the auto-lock feature. If the user accidentally unlocks the lock and does not remove the stainless steel rope, the auto-lock feature will kick in to securely relock the device.

The software interface is very user friendly, so everyone even the very young and old can take advantage of this high tech device. If you lose your iPhone, you will not need to stress about the inability to control the lock, because you will have two backup options. You can simply download the app onto any iOS or Android device to control the lock. The AirBolt Smart Travel Lock is equipped with a backup safety button mechanism that can be preprogramed to manually unlock the device, if your iPhone is lost.

The Airbolt app is integrated with a GPS platform that will allow the user to track their luggage, by using the map until it is located. The Smart Lock is equipped with a Li-ion battery, which will offer a long life of 1-year and can be recharged using the Micro-USB port.

AirBolt Smart Lock

You will have multiple colors to select from including Monza red, champagne, cape cod grey, amazon green, Persian pink, and bondi blue. If you are interested in supporting this Kickstarter campaign, you can simply visit the website and preorder your AirBolt Smart Travel Lock today.

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