Kickstarter Project: PhiLOCK Bike Smart Lock

PhiLOCK is a technology company that is currently working in the United States, France, and Spain with the hopes of opening up a new Denmark office in 2016. The PhilOCK team just recent initiated a new Kickstarter campaign, which involves the PhiLOCK bike Smart Lock. With 30 days left to raise a total of $100,000, the team is feeling pretty optimistic, since they have already been sponsored by 29 backers and a total of $2,401 raised.

The new Smart PhiLOCK is geared toward bike rentals, but it can also be utilized for personal use, stroller, and scooter rentals. There is no end to the possibilities of this intuitive invention. The lock is integrated with the latest Bluetooth technology, so it will be able to communicate with iOS 9 and Android Bluetooth enabled 4.0 devices. Just download the PhiLOCK mobile app onto your source device and enjoy the benefits of the new Smart Lock.

If you are concerned about security, you should not be, because the PhiLOCK’s casing is constructed out of extremely durable, noncorrosive, and strong alloy material. The casing has been tested and retested for break-resistance , the results are amazing, as it seems to be nearly impossible to break. The cable is constructed out of heavy duty, noncorrosive, stainless steel material and it attaches to the Smart Lock, so you can securely lock your bike to any bicycle rack. The cable is also coiled designed, so you can be stored in your backpack, when not in use.


The PhiLOCK app offers the owner innumerable options including activating/deactivating the rental option, establish a rental fee, availability dates, return location, and bike description. You never have to remove the PhiLOCK casing from the bike’s frame, thanks to its compact design, which will not interfere with the moving parts.

The PhiLOCK casing is integrated with several security sensors that when triggered, an immediate notification will be sent to the source device and an audible 90dB alarm will be alerted . The Smart Lock works through the Bluetooth connectivity, without utilizing E-Keys or mechanical keys. Once the Bluetooth/app enabled device enters the 15′ Bluetooth range, the PhiLOCK will automatically unlock.

The PhiLOCK Smart Lock operates on battery power and uses 2 AA alkaline batteries, which offers a 1-year run time. When the battery power reaches the lowest level, you will receive a notification through your app enabled device. With four color options to select from including lime green, slate grey, blue, and lady pink, you will have the option of customizing your PhiLOCK.

You can also lend your bike to your friends and family members, by getting them to download the PhiLOCK app and then add them to your friends’ list. Do not fret, if the battery completely dies, before you get the opportunity to replace it. PhiLOCK has developed a battery powered token that is included in the package to unlock the Smart Lock, which has a run time of around 2-years. The token can be utilized as a backup device, just in case.

The PhiLOCK is currently working towards testing the Smart Lock for waterproof rating accuracy and weatherproof endurance. It is important to note that this is not a GPS tracking device, so keep this in mind, if you are interested in supporting the PhiLOCK team in reaching their goal.

The lock is expected to be shipped sometime between December 2015 – July 2016. Be sure to pledge your $100 today to reserve your new PhiLOCK, the retail price is expected to be $150.

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