Master Lock Unveils Their New Bluetooth Smart Padlocks

How many times have you forget the combination to your gym locker? Lost the key to your tool shed? This can really be a hassle and somehow you have to find a way to cut the lock and then replace it. You can now avoid ever getting stuck in a situation like this again, by taking advantage of the Bluetooth Smart Padlocks. These state-of-the art padlocks are designed by Master Lock, which everyone knows has been at the top of the padlock market for many decades. Master Lock is bestowing all of their reputable qualities and more into their new Smart Padlocks.

The 4400D indoor and 4401DLH outdoor padlock will be suitable for a variety of applications including homes, garages, hospitals, offices, gyms, and college dorms. After the purchase of the Smart Padlock, the user will have to download the mobile app and complete the initial setup at the Master Lock Vault. Once this is completed, the user will be able to open the padlock using their mobile app enabled device.

Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlock

You will also have the option of using the “touch” method to unlock the Smart Padlock, but you must be within the Bluetooth range. Master Lock integrated the top-of-the-line military encryption into these padlocks to prevent any tampering attempts. The Smart Padlocks are also equipped with a keypad, in the event that you misplace your iPhone.

You will also have the option of sending temporary, permanent, or scheduled electronic key codes to guests. The app interface is very user friendly and offers many extra features including adding/deleting multiple locks, and adding/removing guests. You can also track the padlock’s activity on your mobile app enabled device. As a little extra security, owners will receive notifications when the Master Lock Padlock is accessed, becomes compromised by tampering, or when the battery reaches a low power level.

Master Lock Indoor Smart Padlock

The padlocks use Led color cues to relay information to the user. For instance, to gain access, the user will simply press any button on the padlock and then a blue light will be initiated, which means that a connection to an authorized source device is in progress. Once the connection is established, a green light will be initiated to alert the user that the padlock can be accessed. Other colored LEDs are utilized to send messages to the user.

If you are forgetful or just want to forget about those hard-to-remember combinations, you should definitely pre-order your Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock, today. For $50 you will receive the indoor and $60 will score you the outdoor padlock.

Information provided by MarketWatch.

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