Mattel’s Aristotle Is Preparing To Take On The Famous Amazon Echo

Alexa voice services are utilized in a wide range of Smart products and devices. With this said, language recognition tools are lacking in that they are not suitable for use in children. The main reason for this is because children’s speech is much different than adults, making it more difficult for the technology to detect the child’s voice command and respond appropriately.


Mattel Aristotle Voice-Controlled Smart Baby Monitor

Mattel, an American toy manufacturer, may just have the solution for the voice recognition failure and that is the Aristotle. The gadget was launched at CES in Las Vegas and is classified as the “brainchild” of the company’s Nabi unit.

Aristotle features a Wi-Fi-enabled camera, speaker, microphone and motion detector, making it the perfect baby monitor or Smart speaker. Mattel partnered with Silk Labs, Qualcomm and Microsoft to design the device, which works with Microsoft’s Cortana voice recognition personal assistant. Cortana is similar to Amazon’s Alexa, Goggle’s Assistant and Apple’s Siri.

However, Aristotle is no Echo, because it is tailor made to recognize the characteristics of children’s speech. Aristotle is embedded with a Smart lighting system, which will act as a nightlight, reading light and nappie changing light. The intelligent assistant will reorder baby supplies and calm a restless baby, by dimming the lights and playing a lullaby.

This is not the company’s first Smart gadget, since Fisher-Price, owned by Mattel, offers a wide range of high-tech nursery Smart products, including crib mobiles, swings and rockers.

While the Aristotle will not be able to challenge the Echo on an adult level, it will draw a lot of attention from parents in the United States. Mattel claims that the device can help school children with their homework, quiz toddlers on their ABCs and teach adolescents foreign languages.

The Mattel Aristotle Voice-Controlled Smart Baby Monitor is expected to go on sale this summer. The price tag will be $299, which is double that of the Google Home and Amazon Echo, but Aristotle acts as a baby monitor, learning tool and voice-automated Wi-Fi speaker.

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