Merkury Innovations Unveils Affordable Smart Home Devices For Every Budget

Merkury Innovations, a provider of low-cost electronics and accessories, unveiled its new Geeni line of Smart Home devices at CES 2017. The Geeni line consists of a Smart camera, plugs, bulbs and power solution, all of which can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet, with the Geeni cloud-based app and an Internet connection. The app is embedded with a variety of features such as smart scenes, robust sharing and grouping.


Geeni line Smart products are integrated with Alexa Voice Services, so users can activate the products from Amazon Echo, with voice commands. No Smart bridge or hub is required to connect Geeni devices to the home network, just install and let the device do the rest.

Geeni Smart Bulbs

Users will be to remotely activate their Geeni Smart Bulbs from home and afar. The bulb’s design is similar to that of a conventional light bulb to distribute the light evenly across a larger surface area.

-Geeni Lux Series Smart Bulbs-

  • Lux 800 – 800lm – equivalent to a 60 watt bulb
  • Lux 1050 – 1050lm – equivalent to a 75 watt bulb
  • Lux DROP – 750lm – equivalent to a 65 watt bulb (drop light bulbs design for ceiling fixtures)
  • Lux FLOOD – 950lm – equivalent to a 75 watt bulb (designed to replace bulbs in floodlight fixtures)

The Lux 800 is dimmable through the associated app. All other models are dimmable and allow adjustment of white color temperature.

-Geeni Prisma Series Smart Bulbs-

  • LED bulbs are customizable (color and white) and offer millions of colors
  • Prisma 450 – equivalent to a 45 watt bulb, offering mood controls, full color and white brightness
  • Prisma 1050lm – equivalent to a 75 watt bulb, offering mood controls, full color and white brightness

Geeni Smart Plugs

Geeni Smart Plugs support small electric appliances and can be remotely activated from anywhere.

-Geeni Spot Series Smart Plugs-

  • Remotely control via the Geeni app, with preset time schedules

-Geeni Energi Series Smart Plugs-

  • A Smart plug and energy meter in one device
  • Allows users to monitor energy usage

-Geeni Surge Series-

  • A Smart surge protector, with 4 USB ports and 4 outlets
  • With the Geeni app, users will be able to manage each plugged-in device individually

Geeni Vision Smart Camera

The Geeni Smart Camera is an indoor 1080p full HD camera, with night vision capabilities. The built-in motion sensors will detect unusual activities in the home, initiating an alert, so a notification will be transmitted to the user’s mobile phone. Store event recordings on the micro SD cards and playback at a later date. The camera is embedded with a two-way communication system, which will allow the user to communicate with individuals in the same room as the camera. The Geeni Line Smart Camera will be available in night gray and pure white.

The Geeni Line product line will be available in the first quarter of 2017.

To learn more about Merkury Innovations products, just click on the following Amazon link.

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