NEON EVO Is Joining The Smart Home Market

NEON EVO, the technology company is joining the Smart Home Market. CEO Marton Miklos is working with his team to develop a long list of Smart Home devices including the Smart plug, thermostat, carbon monoxide alarm, light switch, and the home center. This is quite an extensive list of Smart Home products to introduce to the market, in such a short period of time.

The NEON mobile app and Home Center combined together, will offer full control of all your NEON Smart Home devices. You will also be able to monitor the temperature in your home from anywhere around the globe.

Neon Smart Thermostat

The carbon monoxide detector is equipped with a sensor that when triggered will send out an audible alarm and notification to your NEON app enabled device. This will definitely offer you peace of mind since you will be able to relax, while the CO detector does all of the work for you.

The Smart light switch, plug, and thermostat can also be controlled through your iOS or Android device. You will be able to remotely turn the devices on and off from anywhere. This is definitely a great option for busy parents or the on-to-go business professional that is frequently forgetful.

If you are an environmental friendly activist, you will definitely appreciate these Smart Home devices. Instead of leaving your HVAC unit on all day long, you will be able to switch it on 15-20 minutes before arriving home. Never again leave a light, appliance, or electronic device on, when you can remotely turn it off, thanks to the Home Center automation system and the NEON app.



While these Smart Home devices have not yet hit the market, you can preorder yours today on the NEON EVO website. Everyone will have to sit back and patiently wait for more data to appear about this technology company and its amazing Smart Home devices.

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