New Indiegogo Campaign: Meeba Smart Doorbell

The Meeba  technology company launched a new Indiegogo campaign on October 14, 2015. The goal to raise $30,000 is currently going forward with a total of $3,781 contributed by 44 backers and 38 days to go. The campaign revolves around the innovative Meeba Smart Doorbell, which is a great way to welcome visitors to your home.

You can actually personalize the doorbell, by creating your own ringtrack. You can do this through the Meebapp, which you will need to download to your iOS or Android device. It is also compatible with the Apple and Pebble Smart Watches.

The Meeba Smart Doorbell will replace the preexisting doorbell. With no wire splicing and connecting, the installation process will go smoothly and be complete within a matter of minutes. This is a battery powered doorbell that requires very little energy consumption. The 2 AA alkaline batteries will have a long life of around 1-3 years and a low-battery notification will be sent to the source device, so the homeowner can immediately replace them.

Meeba Smart Doorbell

The Meeba is equipped with the Wi-Fi technology, which will allow the homeowner to control the doorbell from the Meebapp enabled source device. Once you complete the installation, you will need to download the app and complete the Wi-Fi connectivity setup process.

The Meeba Smart Doorbell includes 4 tunes, but you will have the option of upgrading your music library, by selecting music packages offered by Meeba.   You also have the option of muting the doorbell, so if a visitor arrives, it will not disturb your child’s sleep time. Just click on the “silent mode” feature located in the Meebapp, to mute the doorbell.

When someone arrives at your home unexpected and rings the doorbell, while you are at home or away, you will receive a notification on your source device. If you are looking for a new way to welcome your guests to your home, you should definitely consider the Meeba Smart Doorbell.

If you want to save a lot of money on your new Meeba, you should definitely go ahead and preorder yours today. Expected retail price will be around $80, which includes  4 music tunes and the innovated Meeba Smart Doorbell, so it will pay to order early, since you can save around 40-50%.


The Meeba Smart Doorbell is a wonderful way to invite visitors into your home, but it does seem be lacking on some technological aspects. Once the homeowner is notified that a visitor is at their home, there will be no way to discover their identity. The Meeba team needs to equip the Smart Doorbell with the two-way communication technology and camera, in order to upgrade this device into a state-of-the-art Smart Doorbell. This would also make the $80 price tag a little more friendly, while making the device more competitive in the Smart Home market.

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