Noble Biomaterials Partners With Bemis Associates To Develop Conductive Material For Smart Apparel

Noble Biomaterials, a leading provider of conduction solutions for soft surface applications, announces partnership with Bemis Associates to develop state-of-the-art material that provides easy integration of electronics into attire. The conduction material features Noble’s Circuitex Technology, which is capable of detecting, transmitting and protecting electronic signals in a flexible, soft format. The technology is designed to provide designers with the freedom to develop flexible and durable Smart attire, utilizing Bemis Sewfree Bonding.Noble Biomaterials Circuitex Technology

Utilizing the process of permanently bonding pure silver, a natural conductive element, is how Circuitex is created. This process creates a never-ending layer of silver that can be integrated into textile material and still retain a high level of comfort, durability and flexibility.

According to the company, products with Circuitex Technology will allow for the delivery of basic power, electro-muscle stimulation and lighting, along with providing a wide range of biometric capabilities, including EMG, pressure mapping, ECG and strain.

“About 95 percent of human interface to the world is through textiles,” said Joel Furey, Chief Commercial Officer, Noble Biomaterials. “The need to integrate technology into apparel is vital and our collaboration with Bemis will enable critical infrastructure components that will allow brands to deliver on the promise of truly connected apparel.”

Noble Biomaterials will showcase its Circuitex Technology at ISPO, which is already underway in Germany. For further information visit

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