Oaks Smart Lock Review – Worth The Price?

Whether you’re managing Airbnb properties, vacation rentals, or want to add more convenience to your life, you should think about investing in a smart lock. Just remember that not all smart locks are equal. Many consumers will fall in love with the Oaks Smart Lock Deadbolt. The lock is affordable enough for most consumers and it is easy to install. Below, you’ll find out more about the Oaks Smart Lock so you can make sure it is ideal for you.


One thing to note is that the Oaks Lock utilized an internal battery. That battery is replaceable and it’ll provide you with up to one year of use. With other batteries, you’ll find yourself replacing them constantly and that can be a hassle. Switch to the Oaks Lock and you won’t have to worry about it so much.


Before buying this lock, you need to make sure it’ll work with your door. The lock is compatible with the following doors.

  • Door thicknesses ranging from 1.5” to 1.88”
  • Bore hole diameter of 2.125”
  • Bore hole bracket of 2.375” to 2.75”

The lock itself measures in at 4.3” in length. From the door to the end of the handle is 2”. The lock consumes extra space so you need to make sure it’ll work with your current setup before making the purchase.

Monitoring Access

With the Oaks Smart Lock, you’ll be able to keep track of people coming and going. The Oaks Smart Lock App features an Access Log. This can be helpful for people managing vacation rentals. If you want 24/7 access logs, you’ll need to buy the Oaks Acorn Wi-Fi bridge separately.

With the bridge, you’ll have complete access to your smart lock anywhere and anytime of the day or night.

Numerous Entry Methods

The Oaks Smart Lock offers numerous entry method. It comes with 2 fobs so you can open your door without using a key. Simultaneously, you can take advantage of access codes. When a client has decided to rent one of your rooms, you can assign that individual an access code. The lock’s secure code generation algorithm allows the user to quickly and easily grant access to anyone. You can create various types of codes including one-time codes, temporary codes, and permanent codes.

Auto Lock

You never know when you’re going to accidentally leave your door unlocked and doing so could be disastrous. Suffice to say, you’ll want to prevent that from happening. Well, the Oaks Smart Lock can help. Thanks to the auto-lock sensor, you’ll never have to worry about leaving your door unlocked again.


  • Very affordable smart lock
  • Create temporary, permanent, or one-time codes
  • Auto-lock sensor ensures your door is never left unlocked
  • Comes with 2 key fobs
  • Monitor access easily


  • Buying the separate Oaks Acorn Wi-Fi bridge is a must for most
  • May not unlock and lock quietly or smoothly

Overall Assessment

If you’re going to be buying the Oaks Smart Lock, you’ll likely want to add the Acorn Wi-Fi Gateway to your cart as well. It is not a necessity but it will greatly expand the functionality of your lock and provide you with many new features. Otherwise, the lock is somewhat limited on its own. For the price, it is still a worthwhile consideration.

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