OKIDOKEYS Classic Access Pack Smart Lock System Review

OKIDOKEYS is a Smart Lock system that was made available to the public in 2014. Not only does this Smart Lock offer effortless home access, but it also allows full control and home monitoring through your OKIDOKEYS app enabled devices.


OKIDOKEYS Specifications

The OKIDOKEYS Smart Lock fits over the preexisting deadbolt. It is compatible with the single cylinder ANSI grade I or II deadbolt, which are installed in most homes in the United States.  It is incompatible with the Mortise, so keep this in mind, before purchasing OKIDOKEYS.

This Smart Lock is equipped with a 4.0 Bluetooth chip, so it can communicate with most 4.0 Bluetooth enabled iOS and Android devices. Once the installation  process is complete, you will simply grab your source device, download the OKIDOKEYS app, and then complete the initial setup.

The auto-unlock feature offers the homeowner a hands-free access option, which works  through the app and Bluetooth connectivity. When you enter the Bluetooth range, the Smart Lock will sense your presence and automatically unlock the door.

By utilizing the OKIDOKEYS app, you will have the option of sending unlimited temporary or scheduled E-Keys to your friends, family, or the plumber. You can also deactivate the E-Key, whenever you want, so the visitor will not be able to use it again.

This package includes the Smart-Reader, which offers several additional home access options. If you have young children, then you will definitely appreciate this device, since it pairs with the RFID Smart Keychain tag, card, and bracelet. The Smart-Reader is also compatible with most iOS and Android devices, so you can lock/unlock the entrance door from your OKIDOKEYS app enabled device. The built-in alarm system will also send notifications to your source device, when a visitor unlocks your entrance door or tampers with the Smart-Reader. The Smart-Reader must be installed within a 32′ range of the Smart Lock.

The OKIDOKEYS Smart Lock is available in several different styles including polar white, piano black, satin chrome, lime-green, antique brass, carmine red and satin brass. The self-paint style is also available, so you can customize your lock to parallel with your preexisting door hardware. This option will save you some money, since you will never be forced to replace all of your door hardware, just to fit the OKIDOKEYS Smart Lock into the décor. Each cover is an additional cost of $19.99 and available at the Amazon Marketplace.

If you are a busy business owner and parent, you may be in a habit of leaving your entrance door unlocked. It can be very time consuming to turn around and go back home, just to lock the door. This issue will be totally eliminated with the OKIDOKEYS Smart Lock, since it is equipped with an auto-lock feature.


  • Offers multiple home access options
  • Includes 3 covers, so you can switch them out (satin chrome, antique and satin brass)
  • Extremely easy installation (all installation hardware and guide included)
  • Extremely affordable, when you consider all of the accessories included in the package price
  • Includes 1 bracelet, keychain tag, and Smart Reader card
  • Uses AES 256-bit encryption
  • Equipped with emergency battery backup power, (battery life of around 3,000 hours)
  • 30-Day money back guarantee
  • Low battery notifications will be sent to your source device


  • Not Z-Wave compatible
  • Must purchase additional Smart Reader cards, bracelets, keychain tag for additional $24.99, but includes a package of 3

The OKIDOKEYS Smart Gateway will be available in the near future. It will allow the homeowner to connect the OKIDOKEYS Smart Home Lock to your preexisting Wi-Fi networking connectivity. Continue to look for updates on this extraordinary device.

Overall Assessment

The OKIDOKEYS Smart Lock system will offer you multiple home access options. If you have any questions about preexisting deadbolt compatibility, you should definitely contact the customer service department. This is an issue that some former customers have dealt with and OKIDOKEYS is working diligently to offer more compatible options, which will eventually eliminate this issue.

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