Overviewing The Z-Wave Enabled Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

Just like any other Smart Lock brand, the Schlage Connect Camelot allows users to leave their mechanical key at home. Homeowners and authorized visitors can access the home with a unique PIN code. For added security purposes, the door will automatically relock after 30 seconds, if the homeowner forgets to do it.


Schlage Connect Smart Lock

To enhance the functionality of the lock, consumers will need to invest in a separate Z-Wave hub, like the SmartThings, Wink, Nexia, Lowe’s Iris and Staples Connect. By investing in the gateway, consumers will be able to connect the Schlage Connect Camelot with an authorized phone, laptop or tablet and connected third-party devices.

Once the lock is paired with the authorized iOS or Android device, users will gain remote access capabilities and the ability to sync the lock with their lights, so they will automatically come on, when the lock is activated.

For those interested in building a home automation system, The Schlage Connect Camelot Smart Lock will be a great place to start, along with the Z-Wave hub.

The backlit, fingerprint-resistance touchscreen works flawlessly, but for those that prefer a hands-free operation that is also possible. Disable the Auto-Lock feature to have the lock to automatically unlock the door upon entering the signal range. Users can also control and monitor the lock remotely via the authorized phone or web from anywhere around the world.

Connect’s design is similar to other Schlage Smart Locks, so nothing new here. The larger size is required, since the lock houses the battery pack, lock-turning mechanism and motherboard. At night, users can tap the Schlage button to illuminate the numbers on the touchscreen. The soft blue light actually gives the lock appeal, plus it isn’t too bright to interfere with visibility or draw attention.

When the battery reaches the minimum level, homeowners will have to access their home, with the included mechanical key. The lock stores up to 30 unique user e-keys.

Installation Process

The installation process requires a screwdriver and about 20 minutes of your time, since no wiring is required. The lock is adjustable, so it will fit doors of varying thicknesses and widths. It can also withstand temperatures between -10 to 49 degrees Celsius.


The Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt passes the usability test wonderfully. Making adjustments is pretty simple, with the included programing instruction manual. When investing in the Schlage Connect Camelot, you will need to decide which Z-Wave hub will suit your needs the best. The SmartThings and Wink hub are probably two of the most popular options, because they are affordable and work with a wide range of third-part Smart Home devices, including Amazon Alexa.

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