PIN Genie Smart Lock Is A New KICKSTARTER Campaign That Shows Promise

PIN Genie is a new Silicon Valley startup that has developed a very unique Smart lock that many consumers will find very appealing. The PIN Genie Smart Lock is very unique in that it shuffles the pin numbers after each use. Surely you have heard of criminals looking over the shoulders of individuals utilizing ATMs, so they can obtain their PIN. Well, the same thing can happen to homeowners, when utilizing touchscreen door locks.

PIN Genie Smart Lock

PIN Genie is integrated with a Bluetooth chip, which provides a communication gateway from the lock to iOS and Android devices. The patent-pending touchscreen is what sets this lock apart from others. Not only does this technology transform an 8-digit code into 4, but it will also prevent burglars from being able to guess the code. To ensure consumers that PIN Genie provides ultra high security, the team decided to have it undergo the BHMA A156 Grade B test. The lock passed the test with flying colors, along with several other security standards (UL and FCC).

PIN Genie app is embedded with various features that will enhance the lock’s functionality and security. Users will have the option of enabling and disabling the touchscreen, which has never been offered with any other Smart lock before. When the “Safe Home Mode” feature is deactivated, other family members can still access the home, utilizing the mechanical key. Along, with the mechanical key access option, users can unlock the PIN Genie utilizing the mobile web app and touch pad.

If the passcode is inputted into touchscreen incorrectly 3 times an alarm will be triggered, with a follow up notification being transmitted to the homeowner’s app-enabled device. You can also customize the alarm to suit your preferences, by accessing the app interface. PIN Genie Smart Lock relies on 4 AA batteries for power, but if at any time the batteries die before you have time to replace them, you can utilize the emergency power backup feature. However, these batteries under normal use with provide a 3-year service life, which is quite extensive when compared to other Smart locks.

If you are interested in the PIN Genie Smart Lock be sure to head over the associated KICKSTARTER campaign page. As of today, 188 backers have pledged over $35,000, with 14 days to go.

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