Pkinno Inc Unveils Their Sexy New LIME Smart Lock

The internet today is emerging every day with a series of features and this also includes sexy new LIME smart lock that rules out the need to carry physical keys.

Insight of LIME Smart Lock

Pkinno, Inc. launched a smart lock that aiming to abolish old, physical keys. This is a sexy smart lock known as LIME, presenting a combination of different protocols, thus making it easier for the users to open their doors, but at the same time intruders are going to have a harder choice to break open.

LIME, the smart lock is designed replacing a deadbolt lock and has a polished look. This device also features Bluetooth unlock. However, the users may choose between the unlocking devices while opening the door or to tap the device and open if it is paired through Bluetooth in their smartphone.



LIME, the sexy smart lock is equipped with NFC, Near Field Communication and the compatible smartphones also support identification of radio frequency. Thus the physical key users may prefer the radio frequency identification card to store in a wallet, key fob or wristband. This is helpful even if the users forget their radio frequency identification card or their smartphone, they can make use of the device as it features touchscreen display allowing them to enter a passcode such that the smart lock, Lime gets unlocked. Locking LIME is possible by merely tapping it before you leave.


Intelligent App

LIME is an intelligent smartphone app allowing users to manage and monitor door activities. This is possible by creating a VARICODE temporarily so that your guests can access it for one-time or even for a specific time frame. LIME serves as a bridge connecting a user’s home network to the device. Thus the main aim is served of eliminating the physical keys. However, there is a slot in case of failure at times when the battery is drained.



The LIME smart lock assures safety for residences. The app ensures high security and safety levels that the entry point appears well guarded. It cannot be tampered or any type of forced entry is not possible. This ascertains high level of safety and carrying the keys anywhere on the go is totally eliminated. Once you have a smartphone linked to the door lock, you can operate it from any other place. You need not worry even if you are late, using the smartphone you can get access into your room. The advanced technology has ensured no problem and now even if kids lose the key, you need not break open the door or replace the entire set. In fact, each family member can have their individual codes and can come in or go out at their own privileged time and convenience.



  • Easy to open code feature
  • No need to carry keys
  • Touchscreen that is fingerprint resistant



  • No alert signal


Overall Assessment

LIME the sexy smart lock eliminates carrying keys and the touchscreen ensures real convenience. Of course, buyers can consider their preferences. More information regarding the LiME can be found, by clicking here.

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