Schlage Introduces New HomeKit Compatibility Availability For The Sense Smart Deadbolt

Many Smart device manufacturers are opting to design their products around Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa software. Both the HomeKit and Alexa app offer voice command control, while you are at home. However, if you own the Apple TV and Amazon Echo, you will be provided with remote voice-activated capabilities. According to CNET, the Home app in iOS 10 will not change this fact, because an Apple TV will be required to access Siri off your wireless network. The reason for this is because the microphone embedded into your mobile device (mobile phone and tablet) are not powerful enough to pick up voice commands from far away.


The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt will now support Apple’s HomeKit home automation platform, thanks to the Home app. The Apple Home app will be the control center, so users can control Sense, utilizing their Apple mobile devices. The intuitive app interface is embedded with various features that will enhance the lock’s functionality. Users will have the ability to group their Smart devices, by room or type, so all of them can be controlled simultaneously.

The Apple Home app will also allow users to take advantage of the Geofencing Technology. This technology is customizable, so you can create a virtual fence around their home, utilizing GPS on their smartphone. You can create events, so when you enter and exit the geo-fence the Schlage Sense Smart Lock will lock and unlock automatically. This unique technology will definitely transform the way you normally access your home.

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