Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Review: The Best 2015 Smart Lock

schlage smart lock

The Schlage brand has truly undone itself with this high tech Smart Lock. It is designed to provide convenience and security for your home. The Sense is compatible with the Apple HomeKit, which allows you the option of using Siri to unlock your door.


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The built-in security alarm sensor will audibly alert you, when someone tries to gain access to your home. You can program up to 30 access codes in the Schlage Smart Lock, so your family, friends, and public service providers can lawfully gain access to your home, while you are at work or on vacation.

You will need to take the time to download the Schlage Sense app on your mobile iOS device, before you can complete the initial setup. The matte black finish is very eye appealing and will fantastic on any exterior door.

The Bluetooth Smart technology has definitely hit an all-time high with this device. The auto-unlock feature works off the Bluetooth chip, which is located inside of the source device and Sense Smart Lock. Once your source device is within 40’ of the lock, it will automatically unlock.

The Schlage is very user friendly device that offers several access options including the touch pad, mechanical key, and Schlage Sense app. You will never get locked out of your home again with all of these wonderful options.

The large deadbolt, which is equipped to the inside interface will also add extra protection for you and your family. The locking/unlocking mechanism is very powerful and will not get stuck, even after months of use.

Requires 4 AA alkaline batteries, which are for emergency use only, when there is a power outage in your locality. The batteries have a long service life of over 8,700 hours, so you should not have to replace them more than once a year or longer.

You can access the Schlage Sense app anytime you feel the need to check the lock’s status to make sure that your home is locked and secured properly. If someone arrives at your home, while you are away, you can remotely unlock the door, without having to create an E-Key.


  • Bluetooth range of 40’
  • Several access options including mechanical key, touch pad, and Shlage Sense app
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit, which means you can communicate with Siri to unlock your door
  • Equipped with a fingerprint resistant touchscreen display
  • Moisture or rain will not interfere with the locking mechanism
  • Includes a lifetime warranty on the mechanical components and finish
  • 3-Year warranty included on electronic components
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit via Bluetooth


  • A little more expensive, but justified by a lengthy warranty

Overall Assessment

If you have been searching for a reliable and secure Smart Lock, you should look no further than the Schlage Sense. It is available in three different finishes including matte black, satin nickel, and aged bronze. If you are a fan of Siri, you will definitely have fun unlocking this Smart Lock, because it is compatible with Apple HomeKit.


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