Schlage Unveils The New Schlage Control Smart Interconnected Door Locks

The genius behind the Schlage Connect Smart door lock is yet again unveiling a new innovative way to control the access of your home. With the release of the new Schlage Control interconnected Smart lock consumers will have more security, convenience, and an extended battery life. Although, the lock can be utilized for domestic purposes, it is geared more toward multi-family dwellings such as apartment complexes. The Schlage Control is capable of increasing property management operations, while eliminating the headache and expense, associated with managing mechanical keys.


The lock can prove to be very advantageous for property management. Not only can the device improve aesthetics of the property, but it can increase the property value, as well. Up to 500 wireless devices can simultaneously be connected to 1 lock. Property managers will also be able to access and view up to 1,000 audit trial reports, while giving them the ability to monitor tenant access activity.

For enhanced security, the lock is completely cylinder-free. Therefore, it cannot be picked or bumped. The battery life is 2-years, when utilized in an offline mode. Requires 4 AA batteries, as a power source and utilizes a 9 volt for emergency purposes only. The sleeker and more compact keyfob, which relies on MFAIR Smart Technology, delivers added security and convenience to all users.

With the Cloud-based app, manager and landlords will be able to access stored data 24/7. The Schlage Control Smart lock takes on an entirely different appearance than the traditional Connect. In fact, it is more modern and appears to be something out of the future, plus they will be available in various finishes, so consumers do not need to replace any of their existing door hardware.

The durability rating of these locks is out of this world and to prove this statement to consumers, the lock was put through extensive tests and audits. This was to ensure consumers that the lock would be able to endure a physical attack from a burglar. The Schlage Control is BHMA Grade 2 certified, which should give homes enhanced security and homeowners peace of mind.

The Schlage Control and keyfob will be available and shipping sometime in May, 2016.

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