Sciener Unveils Its Smart Digital Door Lock

Sciener, a technology company, in partnership with Accelvo Pvt Ltd creates a Smart digital door lock that will offer convenience and a high level of security. The lock was designed for Airbnb and Homestay hosts, so they can manage their properties from afar.

The new Sciener Smart Digital Lock s201 synchronizes with smartphones and tablets regardless of location. With this lock, Airbnb hosts will be able to provide guests with a more convenient home entry experience. The lock replaces mechanical keys with a smartphone and unique electronic code. Hosts will be able to manage access for guests and monitor access history from anywhere.

Sciener Smart Lock s201

From the companion app, hosts will be able to create and share temporary electronic key codes that will expire at a set time. The PIN will be activated on the day of arrival and expire on the day of departure. Guests will be able to skip the front desk and head directly to their room, eliminating the need to stand in a long line to retrieve guest room keys.

Airbnb hosts will also receive push notifications, when the electronic code is used. If the guest forgets the key code, the host will be able to deactivate the code and issue a new one from their computer or smartphone.

The guest will be able to input the key code into the lock’s beautiful backlit touchpad. They can also activate the lock directly from the Sciener app.

To learn more about the Sciener s201 Smart Lock, please visit the company’s official website.

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