Sears Takes The Next Step To Modernize The Pro Series Tool Storage, With Smart Lock

 Sears has been struggling to stay afloat in today’s economy. The company launched their Smart Home product line in the first quarter of 2016, which included an 8,000 BTU Kenmore Elite Smart Air Conditioner, Kenmore Smart Water Heater Module, Kenmore Elite Smart Hybrid Water Softener, DieHard Smart Battery Charger, and Craftsman Wireless-Enabled Riding Lawnmower. Giving Sears credit for trying to improve their status in the Smart Home industry, by playing its strengths may prove to be very valuable.
Craftsman Pro Series Tool Storage, With Smart Lock

Well, the company has decided to take it is a step further, by integrating the Pro Series Tool Storage with Smart Technology. Craftsman tools and storage can be found in millions of garages and homes throughout the United States. The quality rating of these products rank among the highest in the business and they are backed by a lifetime-limited warranty. With the Smart Lock implementation, users will be able to monitor and manage the tool storage’s access activity right from their smartphone.

Once the associated app is downloaded on the tablet or phone, users will be able to lock/unlock the Smart Lock by accessing the app interface. The auto unlock feature will also come in handy, because when the app-enabled device enters the Wi-Fi range, the lock mechanism will automatically engage or unlock. The Smart Lock is also embedded with a tamper resistant sensor to add more security, so when the sensor is triggered an immediate alert will be transmitted to the app-enabled device.

The tool storage is also equipped with USB ports that can be utilized for charging mobile devices. This upgrade will definitely offer all skilled workers easier and quicker accessibility, more security, and peace of mind. The release date has not been revealed as of yet, but you can check out the Craftsman tool storage, by clicking on the Amazon link below.

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