Successful KickStarter Campaign: Noke FNAPS Bluetooth Padlock

The Smart Technology is becoming more and more popular each day. Hundreds are brands are rushing forward to develop electronics, deadbolts, thermostats, doorbells, air conditioners, beer mugs, and joining these products is the Noke Padlock.

If you tend to have difficulty remembering your padlock combination, you are not alone. Hundreds of individuals will be forced to cut their padlock off of their gym locker each year. FUZ Designs, the IoT company has come to the rescue with their new innovative Bluetooth Smart Padlock.

With a successful KickStarter campaign project, which raised a total of $652, 828 and 6,108 backer, the FUZ team has combined rigorous design and technology to develop the Noke FNAPS Bluetooth Smart Padlock. With this device, you will never be forced to remember numerical combinations or where you last left your mechanical keys.

The Noke Padlock is integrated with a Bluetooth 4.0 chip, which will communicate with iOS 7.0 or later, Windows 8.1 or newer, and Android devices with the latest operating systems (Jelly Bean 4.3, Kit Kat 4.4). You just simply download the Noke app onto your source device, complete the initial setup, and Noke will do the rest.

The padlock is interlinked with the auto-unlock feature, which will work alongside the Bluetooth technology. While you are away attending classes or running your daily errands, Noke will sleep. Once your app enabled device enters the Bluetooth range and you manually press the shackle, Noke will unlock. You can disable the auto-unlock feature or decrease the Bluetooth range via the Noke app.

The Noke Bluetooth Smart Padlock is extremely secure, since it utilizes the state-of-art PKI technology and the Bluetooth 4.0 128-bit AES CCM encryption algorithm. This allows for extremely secure encrypted transmissions, when communicating with other devices.

Noke has a customized 6′ L X 3/8″ thick braided steel cable, which will be very difficult to cut or break. The cable and the mount weighs 1 pound, which means you can toss it in your backpack and ride away into the sunset. You can purchase this for an additional $20.

This is a battery powered device, which utilizes a standard watch battery that will last around 1 year. You will receive low-battery notifications via your source device, when a change out is required. To replace the battery, you will simply pop off the back cover, switch out batteries, and replace the cover. If for some reason, you forget to replace the dead battery, you will have the option of jump starting the padlock, by pressing the fresh battery against the contact points. To prevent moisture and the elements from damaging the contacts, they are protected by a silicone insert.

The Padlock has a water resistant design and 4 additional silicone gaskets were added to keep moisture out. You will also have the option of choosing permanent or temporary settings to allow friends instant access to Noke. By creating a custom Quick-Click code, you can unlock Noke, without your source device, by utilizing short/log taps.

To preorder your Noke Padlock, just head over to the Amazon Marketplace. For $69.99, you will secure your padlock, which will be released on November 25, 2015. For additional information and to pre-order, be sure to check out Amazon.

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