The HomeKit-Enabled Kwikset Premis Smart Lock Review

Karl Rhinehart and Adolf Schoepe founded Kwikset, a leading provider of door locks and locksets, in 1946. Having much success with the traditional door lock, the company finally decided to join the Smart Lock industry. Today, Kwikset has an extensive Smart Lock product line, with models that support an array of third-party network-connected products and devices.

Kwikset Premis Smart Lock

Kwikset HomeKit-Enabled Smart Lock

Most consumers have already tested the Smart waters, with many eager for more features and compatibilities. The Kwikset Premis is integrated with an Apple HomeKit chipset, allowing users to activate the lock with Siri voice commands. The lock’s design is not groundbreaking, but it is similar to other Kwikset models, with a touch keypad and mechanical keyhole for additional access options. In fact, Kwikset utilized its existing Smart Lock, pulled out and replaced the Z-Wave radio, replacing it with a Bluetooth radio and HomeKit chipset.

Installation Process

Installing the Kwikset Premis is as simple as removing the existing lock and replacing it with the Premis, since there is no hard wiring to worry about. The process only requires a screwdriver and about 30 minutes of your time. You will need to download the associated app to gain access to the installation instructions, since it does not include a physical instructional guide.

The pairing process is extremely easy, since the app pretty much does all the work. Users will probably want to download both the Apple’s Home and accompanied Kwikset apps, so they can activate the Premis Smart Lock using both apps or with their voice. The Kwikset app is filled with a variety of features that will enhance the lock’s functionality and the user’s experience. The app also supports multiple users, but the primary user will need to assign each one a 4 or 8 digit electronic key code. No additional fees are imposed for this service, which is unlike other Smart Lock brands.


The touchpad is embedded with white LEDs, which will stay lit for up to 30 seconds after inactivity, to provide adequate visibility during the day and night. The lock will also emit an audible beep, when someone inputs three incorrect digital codes into touchpad. According to CNET, the touchpad is not as responsive as one would expect from a Kwikset lock and required an additional stab to enter a digit. Premis is embedded with a unique safety feature, touchpad radomizer, which eliminates the potential of unauthorized access. The feature works by scrambling the numbers and then displaying two random digits, which in turn must be replicated by the user in order to access the home.

Remote Access

Most consumers invest in Smart Locks, just so they can control the device from afar. However, if you want to control Kwikset Premis, while you are away from home, you will need to invest in a third-generation or better Apple TV. For consumers that are interested in Apple’s HomeKit, the Apple TV will be a requirement, since it acts as the main hub. However, the homeowner can control the lock remotely, as long as they are within the Bluetooth range. The HomeKit-enabled Schlage Sense Bluetooth Deadbolt works in the same manner.

Overall Assessment 

The Kwikset Premis does a great job preventing unauthorized access, plus it is embedded with patented Bump Proof and Pick Resistance Technology. Users can also temporarily deactivate all the approved e-codes by accessing the app user interface and activating the “Code Disabled” mode. This feature will come in handy, when you are at home and want a little privacy.

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