The Latch M-Series Smart Lock Will Soon Be Installed In Apartments And Businesses

Latch, New York-based Apple alums’ startup, announces its new M-Series Smart Lock. The lock is integrated with a Bluetooth chipset and has its own companion app. The enterprise-focused lock is designed to provide business owners and landlords with the ability to offer their tenants, customers and employees with keyless access.

Users will have a variety of access options to choose from, including manual key code, mechanical key, NFC-equipped chip card and the companion app. Just wave the NFC card in front of the lock to activate it or input a digital code into the touchscreen. The deadbolt can also be unlocked from the companion app, with just a tap via Bluetooth.


Latch M-Series Smart Lock



The built-in wide-angle camera will enhance security around the premises, by snapping photos of visitors, tenants and their family. It is questionable how the camera will impact the battery life.

The “M” in the lock’s name represents mortise, which is a common recessed deadbolt design. This design separates the cylinder from the latch and is not utilized in most Smart Locks. This may actually push the Latch M-Series Smart Lock a step ahead of other brands on a commercial level, because lots of rental properties and businesses were left without a Smart Lock option.

August Home is pushing its mortise-style Smart Lock in the residential market. The company’s sales pitch is actually working very well, because Smart Home builders are installing the lock in their properties to entice homebuyers to invest.

Management companies and landlords will have the option of investing in the M-Series Lock. However, these business owners must be willing to commit to a 2-year service plan.

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