The New I Lock It Bike Lock: Kickstarter Project

Everyone enjoys a good bike ride every now and again. In fact, many people use their bikes as a means of transportation. Perhaps, you live in a big city, where the street traffic is always congested and it is just much easier to get around on a bike, or maybe you ride your bike back and forth to work as a means of exercise. Whatever the reason you are depending on your bike you need a way to keep it safe. Of course, you have the security methods of removing the tire, or pulling out that out chain and lock, but what if there was a new innovative smart way to keep your bike safe? That is exactly what the I Lock It can do for you.

I Lock It Smart Bike Lock

The I Lock It is a Bluetooth Smart Lock that is installs onto the bike frame. The lock automatically slides a stainless steel bolt around the bike tire, when you walk away from the bike. It prevents the back wheel from rotating and from being removed. Upon your return to the bike the lock will automatically disengage.

What happens if someone tries to carry the bike off or cut the lock? Well the lock has a sensor embedded in it, so a 110 dB audible alarm if anyone tampers with the bike in anyway whatsoever. The smart lock can even send a notification to your phone to let you know, as soon as the sensor is triggered. While the lock is smartphone activated, there is always a chance that the battery could die at any time. So, how are you going to unlock the bike, in the event that you lose your phone or the battery dies? Well, do not fret because you can unlock the I Lock It Smart Lock, by entering a special pin code. You can also purchase a key fob at an additional price, if you need another access option.

The I Lock It also has a GPS tracker installed in, so the app will mark that location, when the lock is engaged. If you need directions to get back to the bike, you can simply just use the app to guide you back to the bike. The lock is also compatible with a special cable that will allow you to secure the bike to a fixed option in the event that you plan to leave the bike setting for an extended period of time.

On top of all of this, the I Lock It is built and designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. You can leave you bike outside all year around and never have to worry about the lock being damaged by rain or snow. The lock is also equipped with a lithium ion battery that provides a long lifespan that can withstand the harshest temperatures. The I Lock It lock is compatible with just about every type of bike on the market. Below you will learn about the most notable specifications for the I Lock It lock.


  • Compatible with most bikes
  • Locks and unlock your bike automatically once you enter the Bluetooth range
  • Use a pin code, key fob, or auto-unlocking mechanism to unlock
  • Built to withstand all weather
  • Onboard lithium ion battery capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -67-185 degrees Fahrenheit
  • GPS enabled
  • Constructed or durable material to prevent tampering
  • 110 dB audible alarms scares away potential thieves
  • Receive a notification if someone tampers with your bike (up to 330’ away)
  • Compatible with iOS (5 and higher) and Android (4.4 and higher) devices
  • I Lock It key fob, 31” 10mm chain, and plug-in cable available at an additional cost
  • Auto locking technology
  • Remote unlocking
  • Weighs 1.2 pounds
  • 128bit AES and 256 encryption
  • Battery run time of 1-year  

Whether you depend on your bike for transportation or you just enjoy a recreational ride, you want to know that your bike is always safe when it is unattended. That is exactly what the I Lock It lock can do for you. Leave your bike unattended with a peace of mind that it will be taken care of.

You can preorder your’s today, by visiting the I Lock It Kickstarter page.

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